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For 2014 the Grinders rides will be merged into my 'Beat the Boring' ride program as exploring new food and coffee establishments is never boring!

Grinders rides will be run roughly monthly with lots of variety (routes, timing and day of the week) to keep it interesting and fresh.  This will also offer a balance between keeping active and managing the expense, and there are plenty of other Bushranger rides to keep you on your bike and spinning at other times.  There is a cost and bookings are required.

Are these rides for me?

The Grinders rides will be at least 30 to 40kms (+) distance and quick paced (the aim is to complete rides in 4 hours including coffee stops). They will be less restricted in location so expect ranging cross suburban rides, plenty of undulations, no or minimal 'breather' stops and possibly some more road sections when compared to other Bushranger rides.

These are recreational and social rides - you don't need a fancy bike, and you certainly don't need the lycra.  However to help you decide if these rides will be for you please consider the distance and allocated time.

To ensure your safety and that of others on the rides you will need to be confident and competent on your bike - so being decisive at road crossings and intersections, confident on corners and the twisty bits, able to adapt to varying road and path conditions, and able to keep up and capable of pushing on when required would certainly help.

Dates:   Details and dates below:

The next few rides......


New program currently being developed.

Bookings Essential!!!

Details of the rides will be e-mailed to Grinders members via regular 'E-Newsletters' and then you can decide if you are interested and make your booking.  Rides will be limited to 8 participants to ensure there is room at the Inn (cafes).

E-mail : grinders@bushrangerbikes.com.au to book or for more information.


Grinders rides are available to everyone and membership via signing up for newsletters is encouraged. More detail of every ride will be provided when you book.

Additional or repeat rides will be run if there is enough demand and we will establish a system to ensure bookings and cancellations are handled appropriately.

Initially rides will be run as 'mystery rides' with details provided about the route and difficulty, gradient and pace, but the cafes will be a surprise.

Once we have explored a variety of venues, club members will be invited to rate their favourites and design some rides for the club that capture these.

Membership and other details can be found on the Join the Club page.

Ride Cost:

Grinders Cycling Club rides are $20 per person per ride (including GST).  This provides ride organisation and management, route planning, cafe and social planning, ride support and encouragement when required (you know - the subtle nudge to get a move on) and the fun of exploration, discovery & adventure on your bike.

Plus to add to the fun the cafes will be asked to participate and provide information sessions and we can also run a 'rate the experience' guide (optional) via the Bushranger Bikes Face book page.

Setting the Cost - the Value Equation:

What's a ride worth?  This is always the dilemma however it's been made a little easier by the benchmarks set for rides conducted by Bicycle Queensland (a none profit association) - at roughly $1 per km:

- Mt Cootha Challenge - 85kms - $70-$80
- Great Brisbane Bike Ride 30/50kms - $50-$60

Grinders rides come in at around 50-60 cents per km - and are something special - you are part of a unique club where discovery, adventure and safe small group cycling fun are the themes and where the membership is free - bargain!  You get fit, a chance to discover and explore some fantastic cafes, have heaps of fun and get an exciting social life all thrown in.

Quit the gym, sack the personal trainer and join THE GRINDERS CLUB!  I can promise real wind in your hair and I won't be as tough on you!  Hmmm!




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