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Bushranger Bikes Outdoor Education Programs, Corporate & Group Services, and Cycling Equipment Packages.

Cycle Orienteering:

Looking for a great team building activity, Christmas party idea or something fun to do with a group of friends?

Check out the Bushranger City Orienteering Cycling Challenge - download information here

Bushranger Bikes are industry leaders in the provision of the complete range of cycling services to:

  • The outdoor education and training market

  • Education institutions

  • Sports Teams

  • The tourism and resort industry

  • The adventure industry

  • Government Agencies

  • The corporate market

  • Community groups

My services include the design and provision of programs, packages and group activities for individuals, corporate groups, schools, sports teams, government agencies and outdoors leaders.

I'm able to complement my programs with the supply of complete cycling and adventure equipment packages including bikes, safety equipment, clothing, fleet transport trailers and back this up with full equipment maintenance.


Corporate & Education program design, development and risk assessment:

Bushranger Bikes has significant experience in the design and delivery of outdoors education programs for groups and individuals at all levels.  My focus is always on making the experience educational, rewarding and fun with particular attention paid to all aspects of safety.  My program services include:

  • Education program design and consultancy;

  • Adventure program design and consultancy;

  • Program leadership services;

  • Program facilitation and coordination;

  • Team building;

  • Training and challenge activities for sports teams;

  • Development of risk assessment plans;

  • Equipment consultancy and supply (hire and purchase);

  • Bike maintenance training.

My corporate services include the provision of cycling based team building activities, and bike safety and defensive cycling information sessions and training. These can be tailored and utilised to support workplace programs such as the TravelSmart sustainable transport initiative.

Contact me to find out more about our Brisbane CBD Landmark Orienteering challenges or our team building off-road rides - or Ph: 07 3139 1402

Looking for a great team building activity, Christmas party idea or something fun to do with a group of friends?

Check out the Bushranger City Orienteering Cycling Challenge - download information here


Equipment supply


Bushranger Bikes is a supplier of new Bianchi, Scott & Avanti brand bikes to the education, corporate and tourism/resort market.  The model of bike recommended and supplied will depend upon the usage requirements and the budget available.  I particularly source these bikes brands because of their robust and quality build and the frame design and geometry.  These bikes have a low stand over height, which assists with rider confidence and ensures that the bike size is comfortable for all riders from children through to adults.

Additional Equipment:

Bushranger Bikes can provide the complete cycling equipment package, which includes all safety gear such as helmets, gloves and a full range of cycling equipment and tools.  This includes spare parts and workshop equipment.

Transport Trailers:

Through a process of identifying and addressing my own bike transportation needs, Bushranger Bikes has designed a trailer fit-out to specifically transport bike fleets and equipment including packs and other gear and supplies, the provision for transporting water jerry cans and ladder racks for other outdoor equipment.  I can provide advice on the construction of a transport trailer to meet your needs as an option with any equipment package purchased. 

Purchase or hire:

Bushranger Bikes is able to offer bikes and safety equipment on both a lease or full purchase arrangement, depending upon your needs and the type and length of program you are conducting.

For full details on the options available or to discuss your needs and how Bushranger Bikes can assist please e-mail me on or phone 07 3139 1402.


The Bushranger Bikes Difference:

Bushranger Bikes management and staff are highly experienced cycling activity leaders and educators.  Additionally Bushranger Bikes holds cycling and outdoor recreation association and industry accreditations and memberships.

I'm are able to offer the full range of services from assessment of your requirements and program/package design through to assistance with delivery and implementation.  I can provide mountain bike outdoor leadership skills training and I am also able to provide full bike mechanical and maintenance training for your staff.

Bushranger Bikes can maintain a backup fleet of bikes so breakages and mechanical issues don’t mean downtime for you.  Under this arrangement I will swap bikes out of your fleet as required to assist you to maintain your program capacity.


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